Colonial Florists Ltd.

58 Broadway Avenue, St. Catharines, ON, L2M 1M4


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Potted Plants: Geraniums 4″, New Guinea Impatiens 4″, Mixed Annuals 4″, Selaginella (Frosty Fern) 4″, Poinsettias; 4 1/2, 6″, 8″, Cyclamen; 4 1/2, 6″. Cuttings: Geraniums (Zonal, Ivy), New Guinea Impatiens, Verbena, Trailing Petunias, Calibrachoa, Torenia, Begonia’s, Dracaena, Bacopa, Fuchsias, Helichrysum, Ivy (German & English), Vinca, Scaevola, Osteospermum and many other combination plants.  Hanging Baskets: New Guinea Impatiens, Geraniums 10″, Calibrachoa 10″ and mixed Annuals.  Mixed Fibre 12″ Baskets.


240,000 sq.ft., 22,305 sq. meters

Jim van der Zalm - finished sales, shipping

Ron van der Zalm - cutting sales, shipping

Paul van der Zalm - production manager

Rob van der Zalm - grower manager

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