Colasanti Farms Ltd.

1550 Road 3 East, Kingsville, Ontario, N9Y 2E5


(519) 326-3287

Certified under the JB program, Colasanti Farms specializes in a variety of unique and premium tropical plants, including pothos, philodendrons, jade, coffee, fig trees, olive trees, Bonsai citrus, peperomia, calathea assortments, alocasia assortments, sansevieria assortments, carnivorous plants, ficus assortments, aloe vera and tillandsia air plants. Also featuring a full line of California-grown cacti and succulent assortments & haworthia. Colasanti Farms now offers drop-in programs for all your favourite plants. We have a wide variety of ceramic, cement and terracotta pots in a range of sizes to fit our 1.5”,2.5”,3.25”,4” & 6” grower pots.


Terry Colasanti

Norma Neilson

Robert O'Reilly

Lee Colasanti

(519) 322-2302

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