Willowbrook Nurseries Inc.

935 Victoria Avenue, Fenwick, ON, L0S 1C0


(905) 892-5350

Nursery Stock: Container-grown Evergreens, Vines, Flowering Shrubs, Broadleaf Evergreens, Perennials, Ground Covers, Hostas, Clematis, Euonymus, Shrubs, Rhododendrons, Fruit Trees, decorated living Christmas Trees, Dwarf Trees, Garden Roses, Ornamental Grasses and Shade Trees.


545,000 sq.ft., 50,651 sq. meters

Rob Bouwers, Sales Manager-Canadian & USA Sales

Chad Geerlinks, Landscape & In-House Sales - Mid West USA

Greg Ross, South Western Ontario

Dave Wiersma, North East U.S. & Niagara Region & Michael Della Valle, Eastern CAN, Eastern ON & QC

Michael Della Valle, Eastern CAN, Eastern ON & QC

Kevin Van Geest, Canadian Sales

(905) 892-3790

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