Waldan Gardens

43069 Wills Road, Wainfleet, ON, L0S 1V0


(905) 899-4440

Waldan Gardens is an eco-friendly third-generation family-owned and operated Grower/Distributor. We are a premier grower of Kalanchoes and Calandivas, also offering many other seasonal products.  With our robust distribution network across Canada and the USA, we can handle large volumes.  Our state-of-the-art greenhouse is home to the largest, weekly year-round Kalanchoe and Calandiva production in North America. We pride ourselves on the consistency and quality of our products grown in an energy-efficient greenhouse using a co-gen energy recovery system.  We have a gender-balanced workforce and are an equal opportunity employer with an open and welcoming culture in a safety-driven work environment.

WEEKLY PRODUCTION – 2.5/4/6 Kalanchoes 2.5/4/6 Calandiva (Double Flowering) 2.5 Succulents 4 Polka Dots

SEASONAL SPRING/SUMMER/WINTER – 4/5/6 Indoor Gardens 4 Gerbera, 4 Geranium, 4/6 Celosia 4/6 Exacum 4/6 Lisianthus 6 Caladium 4/6 Begonia (Sweeties) 4 Frosty Ferns 6/8 Poinsettia

SEASONAL SPRING/SUMMER HANGING BASKETS – 6 Strings 6/8/10 Assorted Tropical 10 Boston Ferns 10 Reiger Begonia 10 Zonal Geranium 10 New Guinea Impatient 10 Assorted Greenery


300,000 sq.ft., 27,871 sq. meters

Dan Newhouse, Grower

Bob Newhouse, President

Mike Schilstra, Sales

(905) 899-4441

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