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43069 Wills Road, Wainfleet, ON, Canada


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Waldan Gardens Wholesale is a reliable source for your all potted floral needs. Partnered with our established growing facility which is one of the largest growers in North America for weekly Kalanchoe and Calandivia (double flowering). Waldan Gardens has been focused on producing premium plants for Growers, Wholesalers, Garden Centers, and Grocery Chains within the Canadian and U.S markets since 1999.  Partnering with other local growers we are able to supplement our product with your flowering and tropical plant needs.  We are located strategically within the Niagara Peninsula to make reliable and timely deliveries to our target markets. We are dedicated to growing and sourcing premium products along with dependable customer service and timely execution to ensure customer satisfaction.

Potted Plants: 4”, 6″ Lisianthus Weeks (May-August)  – 4”, 6” Exacum (May-August) –  8” Poinsettias – 2”, 4”, 6” Kalanchoes  (year-round)  – 2″, 4″, 6″ Calandiva (year-round) – 4″ Gerbera (seasonal) – 4″, 6” Celosia (May to September) – 4”, 6” Fall Robbie Kalanchoe – 4”, 6” Christmas Kandy Kane Kalanchoe. Hanging Baskets: 10” New Guinea Impatiens – 10″ Rieger Begonias – 10″ HB Boston Fern – 10” Zonal Geraniums – 10” HB Tropicals – 6” HB Tropicals starting Summer/Fall 2021.

300,000 sq.ft. | 27,871 sq. meters

Mike Schilstra | Sales Manager

Gitte Davies | Sales

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