United Floral Distributors

1050 Canboro Road, Fenwick, ON, L0S 1C0


(905) 892-4766

Distribution of Canadian grown and imported flowers from all over the world. Offering a wide assortment of seasonal and weekly potted plants, dish gardens, foliage plants in all sizes, cut flowers, bouquets, vases and oasis arrangements, market bunches, and Christmas greens. Servicing Ontario, the East Coast, and Eastern United States with our own fleet of temperature controlled trucks.


46,000 sq.ft., 4,273 sq. meters

Al Elmers, Owner

(905) 892-5834

Posted in Abutilon (Flowering Maple), Acaulis, Adenium Obesum, African Violets (Including Mini), Agapanthus (Cut Flowers), Agapanthus (Potted Plants), Ageratum, Allium, Aloe Vera, Alstroemeria, Amaranthus, Amaryllis (Cut Flowers), Amaryllis (Potted Plants), Anemone, Anthurium (Cut Flowers), Anthurium (Potted Plants), Asclepias, Assorted (Cut Flowers), Assorted Annuals (Bedding & Nursery), Assorted Annuals (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Assorted Arrangements (Potted Plants), Assorted Hanging Baskets (Bedding & Nursery), Assorted Hanging Baskets (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Assorted Perennials, Asters (Bedding & Nursery), Asters incl. Matsumoto (Cut Flowers), Astilbe (Bedding & Nursery), Astilbe (Cut Flowers), Astilbe (Potted Plants), Azaleas, Baby Tears, Baby's Breath, Bacopa (Bedding & Nursery), Bacopa (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Bacopa (Potted Plants), Bamboo - Straight & Curly, Baptisia, Barberries, Basil - Flowering, Bedding & Nursery, Begonia - Dragon Wing (Bedding & Nursery), Begonia - Fibrous, Begonia - Reiger (Bedding & Nursery), Begonia - Reiger (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Begonia - Reiger (Potted Plants), Begonia - Rex (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Begonia - Rex (Potted Plants), Begonia - Solenia (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Begonia - Solenia (Potted Plants), Begonia - Tuberous (Bedding & Nursery), Begonia - Tuberous (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Begonia - Waterfall (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Begonia - Waterfall (Potted Plants), Boston Fern HB, Bougainvillea, Bouquets, Brazilian Fireworks, Broadleaf Evergreens, Bromeliads/Guzmania, Browallia, Brugmansia, Buddleja, Bulbs (Bedding & Nursery), Bulbs (Potted Plants), Bupleurum, Cabbage & Kale - Ornamental (Cut Flowers), Cabbage/Kale (Bedding & Nursery), Cacti (See Succulents), Caladium, Calandiva, Calathea Crocata, Calceolarias, Calendula, Calibrachoa - Million Bells (Bedding & Nursery), Calibrachoa (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Calibrachoa (Potted Plants), Calla Lily (Cut Flowers), Calla Lily (Potted Plants), Calluna, Campanula (Cut Flowers), Campanula (Potted Plants), Canna (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Canna Lily (Bedding & Nursery), Canna Lily (Potted Plants), Capsicum (Pepper), Carnations (Bedding & Nursery), Carnations (Potted Plants), Carthamus, Cat Grass, Celosia (Cut Flowers), Celosia (Potted Plants), Chamaecyparis, Chenille, Chinese Evergreen, Chinese Lanterns (Bedding & Nursery), Chinese Lanterns (Cut Flowers), Chinese Lanterns (Potted Plants), Christmas Rosemary, Christmas Trees & Arrangements, Chrysanthemums - Fall & Garden (Bedding & Nursery), Chrysanthemums - Pelee (Potted Plants), Chrysanthemums - Spray, Spider, Pom, Com, Santini (Cut Flowers), Chrysanthemums (Potted Plants), Cineraria, Citrosa (Bedding & Nursery), Citrosa (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Citrosa (Potted Plants), Clematis (Bedding & Nursery), Clematis (Potted Plants), Cleome, Clerodendrum, Cliva (Bedding & Nursery), Clivia Minata (Potted Plants), Coleus (Bedding & Nursery), Coleus (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Cordyline (Bedding & Nursery), Cordyline (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Cordyline (Potted Plants), Corn Flower, Cosmos, Cotoneaster, Crimson Willow / Curly Willow, Crispy Wave Fern, Crocus, Crossandra (Bedding & Nursery), Crossandra (Potted Plants), Cuphea, Cuppressus, Curcuma, Cut Flowers, Cuttings & Plug Propagation, Cyclamen (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Cyclamen (Potted Plants), Cymbidium, Cypress, Daffodils (Cut Flowers), Daffodils (Potted Plants), Dahlias (Bedding & Nursery), Dahlias (Cut Flowers), Dahlias (Cutting & Plug Propagation), Dahlias (Potted Plants), Dahliettas (Bedding & Nursery), Dahliettas (Potted Plants), Daylilies, Delphinium, Deutzia, Dianthus (Bedding & Nursery), Dianthus (Cut Flowers), Dianthus (Potted Plants), Diascia, Dichondra, Dish Gardens, Dogwood, Dogwood - Red & Yellow, Dracaena (Potted Plants), Dracaena Spikes (Bedding & Nursery), Dracaenas (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Dwarf Trees, Echeveria, Edible Flowers, Eremurus, Erica, Eucalyptus Silver Dollar, Euonymus (Bedding & Nursery), Euonymus (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Euphorbia, Evergreens, Exacum/Persion Violet, Fantail Willow, Ferns (Bedding & Nursery), Ferns (Potted Plants), Ficus, Fig, Find a Wholesaler, Fleurettes, Foliage (Potted Plants), Foliage Incl. Seasonal Greens (Cut Flowers), Forsythia (Cut Flowers), Forsythia (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Freesia, Frosty Fern, Fruit Trees, Fuchsias (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Fuchsias (Potted Plants), Gaillardia, Garden Chrysanthemums (Bedding & Nursery), Gardenia, Gaultheria (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Gaultheria (Potted Plants), Gentiana, Geraniums (Potted Plants), Geraniums/Regal Pelargoniums (Bedding & Nursery), Geraniums/Regal Pelargoniums (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Gerbera (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Gerbera (Potted Plants), Gerberas Incl. Mini (Cut Flowers), Germini, Gerpoms, Gervillea, Gladiolus, Gloxinias, Goldfish (Potted Plants), Gomphrena (Bedding & Nursery), Gomphrena (Cut Flowers), Grasses - Ornamental (Bedding & Nursery), Grasses - Ornamental (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Ground Cover (Bedding & Nursery), Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots, Haworthia, Heather (Bedding & Nursery), Heather (Potted Plants), Hebe, Helenium, Helichrysum, Helleborus (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Helleborus (Potted Plants), Hen & Chicks, Herbs - Including Planters & Edible Flowers (Potted Plants), Herbs (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Herbs (See Potted Plants), Hibiscus (Bedding & Nursery), Hibiscus (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Hibiscus (Potted Plants), Hostas, Hyacinth (Potted Plants), Hyacinth Incl. Muscari (Cut Flowers), Hydrangea - Dormant (Potted Plants), Hydrangea (Bedding & Nursery), Hydrangea (Cut Flowers), Hydrangea (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Hydrangea (Potted Plants), Ice Caps - Chrysanthemums (Cut Flowers), Ilex (Holly), Ilex Verticillata (Winterberry), Impatiens - Including New Guinea (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Impatiens - New Guinea (Bedding & Nursery), Impatiens - New Guinea (Potted Plants), Impatiens (Bedding & Nursery), Indoor Gardens (See Dish Gardens), Iochroma, Ipomoea (Bedding & Nursery), Ipomoea (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Ipomoea (Potted Plants), Iris (Cut Flowers), Iris (Potted Plants), Ivy (Bedding & Nursery), Ivy (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Ivy (Potted Plants), Jade, Jasminium, Jerusalem Cherry, Kalanchoes (Potted Plants), Kale, Kalsettias, Lantana (Potted Plants), Larkspur, Lavender/Lavendula (Bedding & Nursery), Lavender/Lavendula (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Lavender/Lavendula (Potted Plants), Lilac (Cut Flowers), Lilac (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Lilies - Asiatic (Cut Flowers), Lilies - Asiatic, Day, Canna, Pixie, Oriental (Potted Plants), Lilies - Easter (Potted Plants), Lilies - LA Hybrids (Cut Flowers), Lilies - Oriental (Cut Flowers), Lilies - Royal (Cut Flowers), Lily of the Valley, Limonium, Lipstick Vine, Lisianthus (Cut Flowers), Lisianthus (Potted Plants), Lithops, Lobelia (Bedding & Nursery), Lobelia (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Lysimachia, Magnolia, Mandevilla (Bedding & Nursery), Mandevilla (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Mandevilla/Dipladenia (Potted Plants), Marigolds, Matricaria, Matthiola (Bedding & Nursery), Matthiola (Cut Flowers), Medinilla, Mikado, Millet, Mirabella, Monkshood, Monstera, Muscari (Potted Plants), Nemesia, Nepenthes Pitcher Plant, Nicotiana, Ninebark, Norfolk Pine, Obconica, Ontario Wholesalers, Orchids - Cattleyas, Cymbidiums, Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis (Potted Plants), Orchids (Cut Flowers), Ornamental Peppers (Bedding & Nursery), Ornamentals, Ornamentals - Cabbage/Kale (Bedding & Nursery), Ornamentals - Peppers & Cherries (Potted Plants), Ornithogalum, Osteospermum (Bedding & Nursery), Osteospermum (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Osteospermum (Potted Plants), Oxalis (Shamrocks), Pachira (Money Tree), Palm, Pansies (Bedding & Nursery), Pansies (Cuttings), Pansies (Potted Plantes), Paperwhites, Passion Flowers (Potted Plants), Patio Pots, Peace Lily, Pearl Bells, Pentas, Peonies (cut flowers), Peppers - Ornamental (Potted Plants), Perennials (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Petchoa, Petunias (Bedding & Nursery), Petunias (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Philadelphus, Philodendron, Phlox, Picea, Pincushion/Nerterra, Plumosa Fern, Poinsettia - Mini (Potted Plants), Poinsettias (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Poinsettias (Potted Plants), Polka Dots (Hypoestes), Poppies (Bedding & Nursery), Poppies (Potted Plants), Portulaca (Bedding & Nursery), Portulaca (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Potentilla, Pothos, Potted Plants, Primula - Assorted (Potted Plants), Primula (Bedding & Nursery), Privet (Cut Flowers), Privet (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Prunus, Pussy Willows, Queen Anne's Lace, Quince, Ranunculus (Bedding & Nursery), Ranunculus (Cut Flowers), Ranunculus (Potted Plants), Regal Pelargoniums (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Regal Pelargoniums (Potted Plants), Rhipsalidopsis (Easter Cactus), Rhododendrons, Rio Dipladenia (Bedding & Nursery), Rio Dipladenia (Potted Plants), Rose Hips, Rosemary (Spring & Christmas), Roses - Garden & Standard (Bedding & Nursery), Roses - Mini (Potted Plants), Roses - Spray & Sweetheart (Cut Flowers), Salvia, Scaevola, Schefflera, Search By Category, Seasonal/Holiday Crops, Sedum (Cut Flowers), Shooting Star, Shrubs - Flowering, Ornamental (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Snapdragons (Bedding & Nursery), Snapdragons (Cut Flowers), Snapdragons (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Snapdragons (Potted Plants), Snow on the Mountain, Solanum Jasmin, Solanum Rantonetii, Solidago (Goldenrod), Solomons Seal, Somona, Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily), Specialty Indoor, Spider Plant (Potted Plants), Spiraea, Star of Bethlehem, Statice, Stephanotis (Cut Flowers), Stephanotis (Potted Plants), Stilbe, Stocks (Matthiola), Strawflower, Streptocarpus, String of Pearls, Succulents, Sunflowers (Cut Flowers), Sunflowers (Potted Plants), Sweet Williams, Thuja, Tillandsia, Topiaries, Torenia (Bedding & Nursery), Torenia (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Trachelium (Cut Flowers), Trachelium (Potted Plants), Tradescantia (Wandering Jew), Trees & Shrubs, Trixi (Bedding & Nursery), Trixi (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Trixi (Potted Plants), Tropicals (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Tropicals (Potted Plants), Tulips (Cut Flowers), Tulips (Potted Plants), Tybouchina, Vanda, Vegetables (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Vegetables (Potted Plants), Vegetables & Fruit Plants, Baskets (Bedding & Nursery), Venus Fly Traps, Verbascum, Verbena (Bedding & Nursery), Verbena (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Veronica (Bedding & Nursery), Veronica (Cut Flowers), Viburnum (Cut Flowers), Viburnum (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Vinca (Bedding & Nursery), Vinca (Cuttings & Plug Propagation), Vines (Incl. Ivy), Violets, Wandering Jew (Potted Plants), Water Plants, Weigela, Wheatgrass, Willows, Wintergreens, Woody Stems, Yucca, Zebra Plant, Zinnia (Bedding & Nursery), Zinnia (Cut Flowers) and Zygo (Christmas Cactus)