Trillium Floral

1551 N Service Rd, St. Catharines, ON L2R 6P9, Canada


(905) 688-8805

PRODUCT: Wholesaler and distributor of Canadian floral products to the United States. Offering year-round, a complete selection of Cut Flowers, Dried Flowers, Seasonal Cut Branches, Seasonal and Weekly Plants Programs, Dish Gardens, Foliage/Tropical Plants, and Cut Flower Bouquets. Equipped with our own fleet of temperature-controlled trucks and specialty-trained drivers we are able to offer complete floral solutions to all our customers. Our expansive selection of products, attention to detail, and dedication to communication are the hallmarks of our customer service.


12,000 sq.ft.

Ben Helder, Sales / Partner

Steve Donker, Sales / Partner

Matt Boverhof, Sales / Partner

Ron Boverhof, Sales

Justin Van Hoffen, Sales / Marketing

Kayla Hessels, Purchasing / Inventory

(905) 688-8184

Toll Free: 866-866-0477

Posted in Abutilon (Flowering Maple), Agapanthus (Cut Flowers), Agapanthus (Potted Plants), Ageratum, Allium, Aloe Vera, Alstroemeria, Amaranthus, Amaryllis (Cut Flowers), Amaryllis (Potted Plants), Anemone, Anthurium (Cut Flowers), Anthurium (Potted Plants), Asclepias, Assorted (Cut Flowers), Assorted Annuals (Bedding & Nursery), Assorted Hanging Baskets (Bedding & Nursery), Assorted Hanging Baskets (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Assorted Perennials, Asters (Bedding & Nursery), Asters incl. Matsumoto (Cut Flowers), Astilbe (Cut Flowers), Astilbe (Potted Plants), Azaleas, Baby Tears, Baptisia, Bedding & Nursery, Begonia - Reiger (Bedding & Nursery), Begonia - Reiger (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Begonia - Reiger (Potted Plants), Begonia - Rex (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Begonia - Rex (Potted Plants), Begonia - Tuberous (Bedding & Nursery), Boston Fern HB, Bougainvillea, Bouquets, Brazilian Fireworks, Bromeliads/Guzmania, Browallia, Bulbs (Bedding & Nursery), Bupleurum, Cabbage & Kale - Ornamental (Cut Flowers), Cacti (See Succulents), Caladium, Calandiva, Calathea Crocata, Calceolarias, Calendula, Calibrachoa (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Calla Lily (Cut Flowers), Calla Lily (Potted Plants), Campanula (Cut Flowers), Campanula (Potted Plants), Canna Lily (Potted Plants), Capsicum (Pepper), Carnations (Potted Plants), Carthamus, Cat Grass, Celosia (Cut Flowers), Celosia (Potted Plants), Chenille, Chinese Evergreen, Chinese Lanterns (Bedding & Nursery), Chinese Lanterns (Cut Flowers), Chrysanthemums - Fall & Garden (Bedding & Nursery), Chrysanthemums - Spray, Spider, Pom, Com, Santini (Cut Flowers), Chrysanthemums (Potted Plants), Cineraria, Citrosa (Potted Plants), Cleome, Clivia (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Clivia Minata (Potted Plants), Coleus (Bedding & Nursery), Cordyline (Potted Plants), Corn Flower, Cosmos, Crocus, Crossandra (Potted Plants), Cuphea, Curcuma, Cut Flowers, Cyclamen (Potted Plants), Cymbidium, Cypress, Daffodils (Cut Flowers), Daffodils (Potted Plants), Dahlias (Bedding & Nursery), Dahlias (Cut Flowers), Dahlias (Potted Plants), Delphinium, Dianthus (Bedding & Nursery), Dianthus (Cut Flowers), Dianthus (Potted Plants), Dichondra, Dracaena (Potted Plants), Dracaena Spikes (Bedding & Nursery), Echeveria, Eremurus, Euphorbia, Exacum/Persion Violet, Ferns (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Ferns (Potted Plants), Ficus, Find a Wholesaler, Foliage & Tropicals (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Forsythia (Cut Flowers), Freesia, Fuchsias (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Gaillardia, Garden Chrysanthemums (Bedding & Nursery), Gardenia, Gaultheria (Potted Plants), Geraniums (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Geraniums (Potted Plants), Geraniums/Regal Pelargoniums (Bedding & Nursery), Gerbera (Potted Plants), Gerberas Incl. Mini (Cut Flowers), Gladiolus, Gloxinias, Goldfish (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Goldfish (Potted Plants), Gomphrena (Bedding & Nursery), Gomphrena (Cut Flowers), Grasses - Ornamental (Bedding & Nursery), Hanging Baskets, Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots, Heather (Potted Plants), Helenium, Helleborus (Potted Plants), Herbs - Including Planters & Edible Flowers (Potted Plants), Hibiscus (Potted Plants), Hyacinth (Potted Plants), Hyacinth Incl. Muscari (Cut Flowers), Hydrangea (Cut Flowers), Hydrangea (Potted Plants), Ice Caps - Chrysanthemums (Cut Flowers), Ilex (Holly), Impatiens - Including New Guinea (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Impatiens - New Guinea (Bedding & Nursery), Impatiens (Bedding & Nursery), Ipomoea (Bedding & Nursery), Iris (Cut Flowers), Iris (Potted Plants), Ivy (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Ivy (Potted Plants), Jade, Jasminium, Jerusalem Cherry, Kalanchoes (Potted Plants), Kale, Lantana (Potted Plants), Larkspur, Lavender/Lavendula (Potted Plants), Lilac (Cut Flowers), Lilies - Asiatic (Cut Flowers), Lilies - Asiatic, Day, Canna, Pixie, Oriental (Potted Plants), Lilies - Easter (Potted Plants), Lily of the Valley, Limonium, Lipstick Vine, Lisianthus (Cut Flowers), Lisianthus (Potted Plants), Lobelia (Bedding & Nursery), Lysimachia, Mandevilla (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Mandevilla/Dipladenia (Potted Plants), Marigolds, Matricaria, Matthiola (Bedding & Nursery), Medinilla, Mikado, Millet, Mirabella, Monkshood, Monstera, Nepenthes Pitcher Plant, Nicotiana, Ontario Wholesalers, Orchids - Cattleyas, Cymbidiums, Oncidiums, Phalaenopsis (Potted Plants), Orchids (Cut Flowers), Ornamental Peppers (Bedding & Nursery), Ornamentals, Ornamentals - Cabbage/Kale (Bedding & Nursery), Ornithogalum, Osteospermum (Potted Plants), Oxalis (Shamrocks), Pachira (Money Tree), Pansies (Bedding & Nursery), Pansies (Potted Plantes), Paperwhites, Passion Flowers (Potted Plants), Pearl Bells, Pentas, Peonies (cut flowers), Peppers - Ornamental (Potted Plants), Petunias (Bedding & Nursery), Petunias (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Philodendron, Phlox, Pincushion/Nerterra, Poinsettias (Potted Plants), Polka Dots (Hypoestes), Poppies (Bedding & Nursery), Poppies (Potted Plants), Portulaca (Bedding & Nursery), Pothos, Potted Plants, Primula - Assorted (Potted Plants), Privet (Cut Flowers), Pussy Willows, Queen Anne's Lace, Ranunculus (Bedding & Nursery), Ranunculus (Cut Flowers), Ranunculus (Potted Plants), Rhipsalidopsis (Easter Cactus), Rose Hips, Roses - Garden & Standard (Bedding & Nursery), Roses - Spray & Sweetheart (Cut Flowers), Salvia, Schefflera, Search By Category, Sedum (Cut Flowers), Shooting Star, Snapdragons (Bedding & Nursery), Snapdragons (Cut Flowers), Snow on the Mountain, Solomons Seal, Somona, Spathiphyllum (Peace Lily), Spider Plant (Potted Plants), Star of Bethlehem, Statice, Stephanotis (Cut Flowers), Stephanotis (Potted Plants), Stocks (Matthiola), Strawflower, Streptocarpus, String of Pearls, Succulents, Sunflowers (Cut Flowers), Sunflowers (Potted Plants), Sweet Williams, Torenia (Bedding & Nursery), Trachelium (Cut Flowers), Trachelium (Potted Plants), Tradescantia (Wandering Jew), Trailing Jade, Tropicals (Potted Plants), Tulips (Cut Flowers), Tulips (Potted Plants), Verbena (Bedding & Nursery), Verbena (Hanging Baskets, Planters & Patio Pots), Veronica (Bedding & Nursery), Veronica (Cut Flowers), Viburnum (Cut Flowers), Vinca (Bedding & Nursery), Violets, Wandering Jew (Potted Plants), Zinnia (Bedding & Nursery), Zinnia (Cut Flowers) and Zygo (Christmas Cactus)