ACRYLITE® by Roehm America LLC

1796 Main Street, Sanford, Maine 04073, USA



ACRYLITE® is a German engineered, American-based brand specializing in PMMA plastics – produced by Roehm. These include ACRYLITE® multi-skin and wave profile acrylic sheets for greenhouses.

ACRYLITE® multi-skin and wave profile products are the most advanced line of glazing materials for the greenhouse industry. They enable the full range of natural light to reach your plants, resulting in better plant growth and enhanced plant quality. This portfolio includes ACRYLITE® high impact resistant glazing, which protects your crop and comes with a 30-year, non-yellowing guarantee. It also reduces heating costs by up to 50%.

These ACRYLITE® products consistently outperform other glazing materials in greenhouse facilities throughout the world.

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