Paul Boers Manufacturing / Prins Greenhouses

3500 South Service Road, Vineland Station, ON, L0R 2E0


(905) 562-4411

Greenhouse Structures, benches, shade and energy curtain systems, internal transportation & automation, irrigation, environmental controls, heating systems, hot water storage tanks, insect screens and lighting.


Rudy Ouwersloot

Arjen van Eekelen

Sean Sloan

(905) 562-5533

(289) 547-6035

Posted in Automation Systems, Benches, Boilers/Heating Systems, Building Structures, Carts/Racks (See Equipment), Energy Curtains, Environmental/Climate Control Systems, Greenhouse Covers, Film/Poly, Greenhouse Structures, Ground Covers / Shade & Weed Cloth / Frost Blanket (Grower Services), Heating Systems, Hoop Houses / Cold Frames, Insect Screens, Irrigation & Nutrient Fertigation (Controls, Injectors, Sprayers), Lighting, Shade & Blackout Systems, Storage Tanks and Supplies & Services