Orchid Greens

229 Read Road, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, Canada


(416) 849-2213

Orchid Greens is most well known for our premium grade Phalaenopsis Orchids. We stand out with regards to larger bloom sizes, increased bloom counts, as well as the always-changing unique variety of colours made available! Our top two best-sellers are the Waterfall Orchids and the 4″ Delight Orchids.  The Waterfall Orchid sorting process is strict in the way that only the biggest and best plants are selected for the handcrafted bending procedure to create this masterpiece.  Our Waterfalls come in all different natural, non-dyed colours, thus returning in bloom the same beautiful colour year after year! The second best seller, 4″ Delight Orchids, are the perfect grab-and-go item for impulse purchases in your stores. Cute, substantial, and suitable for all sizes of space. Another special service we offer is our Orchid Arrangements and Orchid Dish Gardens, please feel free to visit our website for all the different planters we offer. All our products are readily available to be shipped into the US.


240,000 sq. ft., 22,296 sq. meters

Steve Chen-Tyl, Owner

Guann Chen, Owner

(416) 792-0792

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