Natural Insect Control

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Natural Insect Control (NIC) is the only CANADIAN producer of beneficial NEMATODES and a master distributor of beneficial insects. If you have an insect problem, we have the solution.  We are the experts on developing preventative bio-programs. Prevention is the key to successful crop yield & development. We can design a program specific to your growing needs, whatever they may be (greenhouse, field crop, hydroponic.)

 NIC offers FRESH  beneficial insects. Fresh means no storage, ensuring stronger, more resilient insects resulting in faster control & better reproduction capabilities.

Being the only nematode producer in Canada offers us the unique ability to create customized Nematode blends to target your particular pest.

Look to us for all your biologicals program needs.


John Robertson, Owner

Susan Cavey, Owner

Stacey Hickman, Entomologist-Greenhouse/Research

(905) 382-4418

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