HydroGardens and Teris

1330 Sandhill Drive, Ancaster, ON L9G 4V5


(905) 648-1801

HYDROGARDENS, a Canadian owned and operated business, is a provider of procurement services for horticultural greenhouses, nurseries, crop and hydroponic producers, market gardening producers, garden centres, municipalities, landscapers and pest control. The line of products includes single-element and blended fertilizers, peat moss, roof poly, ground covers, seeds, containers, irrigation systems, growing supplies, pesticides and biologicals.

Randy Hartog, Senior Account Manager / randy.hartog@teris.co

Rachel Bowman, Senior Account Manager / rachel.bowman@teris.co

Heather Allen, Customer Service / heather.allen@teris.co

Sarah-Julie Hache / sarah-julie.hache@teris.co

1 (888) 749-8677

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