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Beneficial insects, bees for pollination, IPM supplements, stick tape & pheromone lures, fertilizers, irrigation supplies, sleeves, bamboo stakes & trellises, care tags/pot covers, groundcover, paint supply, plant clips & rings, jute, pruners, flower dye, LVM products, clay pots, coco products, customized aluminum products, whitewash ethylene filters, tomato cup dividers, PH/EC measuring equipment. Dealer for: Roam Technologies: Huwa-San disinfectant plus silicon product, Chrysal, Bato, Bercomex, Cyklop, Sierra Biological, Green Products Paper Plugs, Herkuplast cutting, and seeding trays. Willburg projecten conveyor belts, Tagger and labeling machines.


Frits Mooring; Sales, Canada/USA

Bastiaan Hordyk; Sales, ON, QC, MB, Maritimes

Herman Dunnink, Sales, ON, Florida, - Case van Schaick - Sales

John Bosje, Logistics / Shipping

Justyna Cetnar - Jennifer Blom - Sarah Stuive - Karli Barton - Helena Dyck; IPM Consultants

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(800) 668-9567

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