Foxwood Greenhouses

36 Carlisle Rd, Freelton, ON, Canada

(905) 689-0202

Foxwood Greenhouses produces the following seasonal crops: Early Spring Season: Pansy and Viola Bowls & 4″ and Ranunculus 4″.  Spring Season: Mixed Hanging Baskets, Patio Planters, Begonias Rieger HB, Ferns HB, Mandevilla Climbers, Begonia Rieger 4″, Sunpatiens 4″, and Assorted Greens/Fillers 4″. Late Summer/Fall Season: Mixed Planters, Garden Chrysanthemums, Kale, Grass, Celosia, Peppers, and Annual Rudbeckia. Christmas Season: Poinsettias

110,000 sq.ft. / 10,219 sq.meters

Henry Vos / Owner

Paul Vos / Production Manager

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