DCL Nutrition

6240 Bd Choquette, Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, Canada


DCL distributors of the CID Lines of Cleaners & Disinfectants.
Kenosan – Alkaline, non-corrosive, heavy-duty, creating a long-lasting foam that sticks on various materials with over 7 surfactants.
Tornax S – A strong acid-foaming detergent for the removal of mineral deposits and removing biofilms from your irrigation system.
DM Cid – Non-Foaming chlorinated Alkaline detergent that is formulated to clean and disinfect pipes and carts, trays, boxes etc.
Virocid – Is user-friendly for foaming, spraying, and fogging. Synergistic formulation containing 2 active ingredients and additional components, Glutaraldehyde & 5th generation Quaternary Ammonium as well as Isopropanol and Pine Oil.

Miguel Delisle - Technical Representative | (514) 245-5545 | mdelisle@dcl.ag

George Jeffrey - Biosecurity Consultant | (519) 461-0084 | gjeffrey@dcl.ag

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