Burnaby Lake Greenhouses Ltd.

17250 80th Avenue, Surrey, BC, V4N 6J6


(604) 576-2088

Potted Plants: Foliage, Potted Bulbs, Poinsettia, Easter Lily, Kalanchoe, Mini Roses, Chrysanthemums, Cyclamen, Azalea, Violets, Hydrangea, Anthurium, Indoor Gardens, Zygo Cactus. Bedding Plants: Spring Annuals & Perennials. Cut Flowers: Full range of BC grown cut flowers. Servicing all of Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.


1,800,000 sq.ft., 168,000 sq. meters

John VanderEnde

Herb VanderEnde

Ken VanderEnde

(604) 576-2475

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