Aris Horticulture, Keepsake Plants Ltd.

115 Third Street, SE, Barberton, OH 44203


1 (330) 745-2143

Keepsake Plants: Hydrangeas (dormant & finished), Tradewinds® Hibiscus, Suntory Sun Parasol® Mandeville, Azaleas, Poinsettias, Lillies, Garden Mums, Boston Ferns, Chrysanthemums, Assorted Spring and Summer Planters, Homescape Foliage Collection, and E-Commerce Fulfillment. Green Leaf Plants: Perennial, Grass, Herb, and Garden Mum liners including Igloo Dendranthema.  Must-Have Perennials: working with breeders to bring their products to market.

Keepsake Plants: Box 370, Leamington, ON N8H 3W3 | Tel: (519) 326-6121


Rob Bigley, General Manager |

Tracy Wiper, Directory of Sales |

Tim Gartrell, Director of Sales

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